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Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter!

Updated: May 7, 2019

Winter is a wonderful time, we can bring out our winter clothes like beautiful coats, scarves, gloves and boots, and enjoy the cooler weather with a nice cup of coffee or glass of red. However, winter is never kind to your skin, leaving it feeling dry, flakey, tight and don’t forget the chapped lips.

Winter temperature is drier with low humidity and during this time your skin loses its moisture barrier and causes your skin to be feel dry, which is why it is extremely important to take extra special care during winter, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Give your skin a helping hand, and consider the following for glowing winter skin:

1. Make the switch. As the temperature dips, your skin craves more moisture. Remember to replace lightweight summer lotion with deep moisturising cream, which will help skin seal in and retain moisture.

2. Invest in a deep moisturising eye cream.

3. Incorporate a high moisturising serum into your daily skin care routine, not only will this help your skin stay moist but they also have anti-aging benefits.

4. Protect your lips from windburn and avoid chapped lips with a lip balm that protects and moisturises. Don’t forget to exfoliate your lips with a delicious sugar scrub.

5. Winter is also a time for colds and nasal congestion. This is a perfect time to get vapor relief with a hot steam facial, not only will it help with to clear up your airway, the hot steam will help add moisture to your skin. If a facial steamer is not for you, invest in a humidifier, which will help to add moisture to the air.

6. Consider professional skin treatments. With low exposure to sun during the winter time, it is a perfect time to pamper yourself with a skin treatment, and avoid any unnecessary hyper-pigmentation.

7. Keep hydrated during winter and help to keep your skin happy.

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