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Dermal Fillers

Updated: May 7, 2019

What are Dermal Fillers?

As you pass your late 20s, you may start to notice your skin isn’t as firm as it once was, more facial lines appear, and your bone structure slowly sinking. This is due to the natural aging process and your body not creating as much collagen, and other factors like sun exposure, lifestyle and genetics.

Dermal fillers are a cosmetic injectable that are made of a naturally occurring molecule, hyaluronic acid, and helps to add volume to facial features, soften facial lines, helps stimulate collagen growth and give a more fuller and youthful appearance. This is not to be confused with botox, which freezes muscles to reduce wrinkles.

How do they work?

The idea of going under the knife and getting a facelift sounds very scary, and may not always look natural. With dermal fillers, cosmetic injection specialists can help you achieve a more natural and youthful look.

Dermal fillers are injected beneath the surface of your skin, and take around 20 – 40 minutes depending on your area and the amount of volume loss. The substance in dermal fillers are natural occurring sugar molecules, and its function is to bind water, when this is added to your skin, it gives instant volume and evens out fine lines with a more natural look.

Dermal fillers are biodegradable products and are only a temporary option. They can last anywhere between 3 – 12 months, and is dependent on many factors such as natural aging, brand, thickness, and lifestyle.

What areas can get treated?

Cosmetic injections are normally performed on the face or neck area. Most common areas are around the eyes, cheeks and lip enhancements.

Around the Eyes:

Dermal fillers are used to soften the lines under the eyes, and crow’s feet. It is also used to remove dark circles and reduce under eye bags as well.

Mid Face Area:

Dermal fillers can be used to add volume to the cheek area, which might have drooped down by gravity or age. They also treat the fine lines that creep up the sides of the face towards the cheekbones i.e. smooth accordion lines and the folds.

Lower Face Area:

They can also be used in the lower face area to correct the downturned corners of the mouth and to stop the jawline from sagging. It plumps up your chin and reduces its creases. It smoothens the gummy smile above the lips and reduces the appearance of vertical lines above the lips.


Lip enhancements have become the latest trend and you may spot stars like Kylie Jenner, Megan Fox and other big names with beautiful full lips. Lip fillers can help to enhance lip volume and define the lip line.

Whether you’re thinking about Dermal Fillers or ready to take the next step, always remember to do your research, and book in a consultation to get all the facts first.

At Simply Young, we offer free professional consultation with our highly skilled staff.

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