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Choosing the right Cosmetic Injector

Updated: May 7, 2019

If you’re looking to get injectables, and unsure where to start or you’re scared to look like Barbie gone wrong. Don’t worry, it may sound very scary and confusing but with the right Cosmetic Specialist, it can be a great experience that leaves you coming back for more.

The right Cosmetic Injector can help you achieve the perfect lip pout, adding volume back to your cheeks, and help improve fine lines and wrinkles. To help you choose the right specialist that you can trust, below is general guide on what to look for:

1. Do your research

Before booking any appointments, consult with an expert first to determine if injectables are suitable for you. Always check that your cosmetic injector has all the right qualifications and skills necessary to perform the procedure. Get all our facts on what products are used, cost, before and aftercare and how long it may last.

2. Check the results

Once you find a cosmetic injector that is suitable, it is worthwhile to check out their websites and look at their results and reviews. Pictures will always speak for themselves.

3. Trust your gut

Always go with a professional that you are comfortable with. An injector will always be able to advise on their skills and experiences, and be able to show the highest level of respect, care and safety.

4. Clinic ambiance

The ambiance of the clinic doesn’t necessarily have to be with fancy decors or the number of flashy certificates posted on the walls. The clinic’s ambiance is more on the environment. Ensure the clinics are clean, professional and staff members are helpful, attentive and friendly.

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