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Anti-Aging Prevention Tips

Updated: May 7, 2019

Worried about aging? This is very common for men and women as they start to hit their 30s. We start to notice more fine lines on our skin, uneven skin tone, and our cheeks are somewhat sunken, and all of a sudden theres frown lines. We than start investing more in anti-aging products and anti-aging treatments like botox and dermal fillers, in the hopes of turning back time. Although Anti-aging products and treatments will help us look and feel younger, we need to start thinking about other factors to help naturally slow down the aging process.

Cut Out Sugar and Alcohol from your diet

Alcohol is considered a toxin with no or little nutritional value and can take its toll on the liver, reduce immunity and damage cells, and can all have an impact on the quality of your skin. It also dehydrates your skin leaving it looking and feeling dry and dull.

Processed sugar is known as an inflammatory, and can increase the speed of aging, causes wrinkles, hardened skin and create blotchiness in the kin. The good news is that you can still enjoy natural sweets like fresh fruit when the sugar craving hits.

Wear Sunscreen Daily

With our busy lives, we tend to forget to wear sunscreen and think it won’t effect our skin. Unfortunately that is not the case, overtime you will start to notice sun pigmentation and damage. It is recommended to add a high SPF lotion to your face after you moisturise for the best protection against harmful UV rays.

Skip The Staw

As simple as it sounds, choosing to use a straw will give you some noticeable wrinkles around your mouth in the long run. The motion of sipping causes your facial muscles to form fine lines around the mouth and overtime will become more noticeable.


Take supplements or eat foods high in antioxidants, which will help to protect the skin from environmental factors that damage skin cells. Antioxidants help by fighting free radicals that would break down the body’s collagen and skin’s elastin, which will help your skin to stay healthy and more youthful.

You can find antioxidants in fruits and veggies, which contains vitamins B and E and are known to be great for the skin. Drinking premium green tea is also known to be high in Antioxidants and it taste great.

Get A Good Night Of Sleep

Before you go to bed, make sure you wipe all your makeup off, which will allow your skin to breathe, reduce further damage, and your skin will be thanking you in the morning.

At night, your body produces less stress hormones and increases your grown hormones, and allows for cellular repair when you go to bed.

So be sure to get a good night of rest to allow your body and skin cells to repair.

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